18+ Age Verified Browser

Prove your age once and privately browse age-restricted content from the UK

18+ Keeps you Safe, Private & Age Verified

Age verification becomes necessary to access adult content online after 15 July 2019 in the UK. 18+ lets you simply and anonymously browse age restricted content.


18+ puts you in control of your age verification.

Avoid creating multiple accounts with various age verification providers on the websites you visit.

18+ Privacy Browser provides a convenient, anonymous, age-verified way to browse adult websites.


18+ automatically proxies relevant traffic through an encrypted VPN.

All Access

Access all adult websites, regardless of the age verification provider, without repeatedly proving your age.


Tracking protection to ensure pages load quickly and keep you private.


We don’t know your identity. We don't sell your data. We don't log you.

18+ Let's You Verify at Age Gateways

Anonymously verify your age at participating 18+ Age Gateways.

18+ age verification provides a quick, completely private way to verify your age.
Simply click the 18+ logo on any Age Gateway. You will be directed to the 18+ App to share your age. Then return to your browser and you're verified. It takes less than 3 seconds!


When you encounter an 18+ Age Gateway, scan the QR code with your phone's camera or the 18+ App. Or click the 18+ icon.


The 18+ App on your phone will open. Click confirm to share your 18+ status with the website.


Return to your browser. The 18+ Age Gateway will have lowered automatically.
That's it!

Untraceable Age Verification

18+ lets you verify your age with a guaranteed inability to track you as you browse adult content.

Only 18+ uses self-proving age credentials to maximize your privacy. 18+ is the most secure, anonymous and least invasive age verification tool.

Don’t be fooled by other age verifiers claiming to provide anonymity when, in fact, adult websites must validate your age credential with their servers leaving a digital trail that links your identity to the adult websites you visit.

Proving Your Age to 18+

It's simple and secure to prove your age to 18+. Proving your age generally takes a few minutes, and only must be done once.
18+ stores only your age credential for future use. 18+ doesn't learn or store any personal identifying information.

  • Verify by mobile phone. Send our partner an SMS, and if you're mobile carrier already has disabled age blocking, you'll be verified as 18+.
  • Use a credit card. Prove you're 18+ with your credit card issued by a UK bank. Our partner makes a nominal charge to confirm the credit card and the issuing bank. You must use a credit card; debit cards do not work.
  • Passport or driving license. Use your UK driving license or passport to verify your age. Or use a government issued identity document from most countries. Our partner verifies the authenticity of the doucment and verifies to us if you're 18+.


18+ is FREE and includes unlimited age verifications plus 15 minutes per week use of the privacy browser with the anonymoizing proxy.

Want more? Access unlimited proxied content and extend the 18+ experience to your desktop with 18+ Pro.... all for less than the cost of a cup of coffee!

Up to 15 minutes per week

FREE 18+ Mobile Browser Only

Unlimited VPN + Desktop

£1.99 per month

Discreetly subscribe to 18+ Pro exclusively within the 18+ App. This way, we still don't know your identity!
Please review the full terms and conditions for 18+ Pro within the 18+ App.

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