We're Privacy Fanatics

18+ provides age verification solutions designed to facilitate compliance with online age verification laws whilst maintaining the strictest user privacy.

Our Story

We created 18+ in response to the UK's imposition of age verification requirements for accessing adult content on the Internet. The Digital Economy Act 2017 requires websites hosting adult content to obtain actual verification of a visitor's age. We recognise the need to protect young persons from adult content on the Internet, however, the risk presented by this law to privacy rights requires careful balancing and design.

Our mission was clear: engineer a system to meet the requirements of the law, optimise user convenience, and maintain the strictest privacy protection. We wanted to minimise data logging and limit the data we received. At each design stage, we asked ourselves, 'could we do this with less data?'

We have no record or way of knowing which websites a user visits. When a user visits an adult website, our servers issue the user's 18+ App a self-proving age token, which enables the adult website to verify the authenticity of the token without requiring the website to call to our servers. This critical design difference ensures the user's privacy.

We believe we've created the most secure, convenient age verification solution. 18+ servers do not know any details about its users other than their imported Age Credential. We don't know the websites our users visit, and the websites our users visit don't know our users.

It's important for users to understand the business model of any app they use online. We've created 18+ with a mission of providing robust privacy in the context of required age verification, but we need to generate some revenue to cover the costs of operating the service. Our business model is simple: we don't sell user's data, we don't show advertisements, and we don't track our users. We provide a free age gateway to adult websites and we don't charge for age verifications made using the 18+ App. So how do we make money? 18+ contains a privacy browser with a VPN. We offer this browser and VPN on a freemium basis, and power users pay a small fee to offset the cost of the service.

Who We Are

18+ is owned and operated by 18 Plus Ltd., a privately owned company based in Bristol.

We have no intention of a future ownership change, but, of course, the future is unknown. To that end, 18+'s data minimised design ensures any future change in the company or its ownership would not alter the privacy commitments enshrined in 18+.