Consumer FAQs

About 18+

After July 15, 2019, UK law requires websites with adult content to verify the age of their visitors.

18+ is the simple, convenient, and private way to prove your age to adult websites, enabling you to access content you want whilst keeping your identity private.

It’s simple: first, you prove your age to 18+. 18+ stores your age credential to verify you to adult websites.

Second, when you visit an adult website, you will be asked to share your 18+ credential. To do you, you simply click the link to open the 18+ app or scan a QR code with your camera. Your 18+ credential is transmitted by your 18+ app to the adult website, and you are permitted to proceed.

No. 18+ has no way of knowing which websites you visit. Your 18+ credential is stored on our servers, but our servers do not transmit or receive data from the adult website. The 18+ app on your phone acts as the middleman between our servers and the adult website.

18+ has been designed to know the least possible information about you. 18+ does not know your name, your address, or even your actual age (other than if you’re age 18 or older).

18+ only will know your phone number, as this is needed to ensure your phone number and app correspond to your 18+ credential.

18+ will also know that your phone number has an 18+ account. We will not know which websites you visit.

18+ monitors and records IP addresses for security reasons, namely, to prevent denial of service attacks and monitor for other attempts to hack or maliciously use our services.

You do not need to share your face or your driver’s license or passport directly with 18+.

18+ does not share any information about you with any adult website. When you share your 18+ credential with any adult website, the only information the adult website learns is that you are 18+. The adult website does not learn any more information about you as a result of your use of 18+.You can use 18+ without creating an account with any adult website.

18+ is free to use. 18+ also is free for adult websites.

When you initially verify your age with 18+, you have two options:

  • Verify by SMS, which involves 18+ checking if there is an age block on your mobile account
  • Verify by ReallyMe app, which is a free identity app

Verify by SMS is free with a subscription to 18+ Pass or otherwise costs £0.99. This cost helps to cover the third-party telecom charges we pay tocheck the age blocked status of your mobile account.

You can also Verify by ReallyMe for free.

No, we never sell your personal data. We don’t even have any data to sell!

18+ is free because a certain percentage of users subscribe to 18+ Pass, which pays for the ongoing costs of 18+. The most significant cost of running 18+ comes when you set up your account and verify your age to us. For users who want the convenience of Verify by SMS, a nominal fee offsets the cost of the service.

Age Verification

The UK government decided to require all adult website content providers to require age verification of their visitors. After July 15, 2019, no adult website legally can be accessible from the UK without requiring each visitor to prove he or she is age 18 or over.

You verify your age to us in one of two ways:

  • Verify by SMS, which involves 18+ checking if there is an age block on your mobile account
  • Verify by ReallyMe app, which is a free identity app

In the UK, all mobile phone providers are required to block adult content unless the subscriber is age 18 or over and has requested the content block to be removed.

We work with a third-party telecom provider, which is able to tell us if yourmobile phone has an active age-based content block. The process works as follows:

  • Step 1: we send your phone number to the third-party telecom company
  • Step 2: you receive an SMS from the telecom company
  • Step 3: you reply with the code “Verify 18”. The point of this text isto provide evidence of your consent for the telecom company to reveal to 18+ your age block status. Standard network charges apply for sending this SMS. This is not a premium SMS code.
  • Step 4: the telecom company will inform 18+ whether your account has an age block in place. If so, we will tell you, and if you’re 18+, you should then call or visit your mobile phone provider to lift the block.

After you’ve removed the age block by calling your mobile provider, you can try verification again.

Once 18+ has verified your age by SMS, your 18+ credential will be storedon our server.

Note if you change mobile phone numbers, you will need to verify again. If you only change mobile phone carriers, then you do not.

Quite simply, we are charged by the telecom provider to access the age-block database. Therefore, we cannot verify your age by SMS without incurring a cost. To allow us to pay this cost whilst preserving your privacy, we charge a nominal fee (£0.99) or require you to have a subscription to 18+ Pass.

Your privacy is valuable and by recovering our cost in verifying you by SMS, we can avoid needing to sell your data or targeted advertisements.

No, not if you are keeping the same mobile phone number. If you are changing phone numbers, however, you will need to reverify your age.

18+ has partnered with ReallyMe, a verified identity provider, to provide anonymous age-verification for users who do not want to verify by SMS. To prove your identity to ReallyMe, you will use your driver’s license or passport.

ReallyMe Verification has the advantage of being completely free to users.

Yes. 18+ only works with a free app you download to your mobile phone or tablet. 18+ is available in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

18+ Pass

The 18+ Pass unlocks the world of adult websites with a single age verification. After you verify your age with 18+, the 18+ Pass allows you to visit any adult websites, including websites that do not use 18+ Age Gates.

You can browse the Internet after July 15, 2019, with complete privacy, and with the convenience and simplicity enjoyed before.

Yes. In fact, 18+ Pass makes browsing adult websites safer because your traffic will be encrypted even from your ISP. 18+ does not keep logs that associate your personal information with the websites you visit. We have no way of knowing what sites you visit.

18+ Pass is built into the 18+ iOS and Android Apps. The 18+ Pass includes a privacy browser that lets your access adult websites in a fast, secure, private and convenient way. No more age gates. No setting up accounts with websites you’d rather just visit anonymously.

Yes, we offer Chrome and Firefox desktop browser extensions to provide the convenience of 18+ Pass to your desktop. You can access any adult website from the UK from an age-verified browser with the 18+ extension.

Start your subscription for free with a 7-day trial offer. If you are not happy with the 18+ Pass for any reason in the first 7 days, you can cancel your subscription with no obligation.

18+ Pass costs £1.99 / mo. for one-hour per day of content on any device.Save 25% buy purchasing an annual 18+ Pass for only £17.99 / yr.

Want more content each day? 18+ Pass Unlimited provides no time restrictions to allow unlimited access to content for only £4.99 / mo., or £44.95 / yr.

To maximize your privacy, 18+ Pass is sold through your iTunes or Google Play accounts. You do not need to provide us your name, address or credit card details.