The Untraceable Proof You’re 18+

We don’t know the adult websites you visit and the adult websites you visit don’t know you

Privacy & Security

Age verification for adult websites inherently involves your private information, namely, your identity and your browsing history. Your browsing history can reveal a lot about you, and no one wants to be tracked around the Internet when it comes to the adult websites they visit.

18+ was created with a single mission: to ensure the online privacy of its users whilst providing adult websites with a way to comply with the newUK law requiring actual age verification.

We want to be fully transparent about how our system works, so you can feel assured of the privacy claims we make. Don’t trust your privacy to just any age verification provider.

Our Design

Our system design limits our knowledge of you and your online activities. Zero-knowledge provides you maximum protection.

How you Verify Your Age to Us

You can verify your age to us by replying to an SMS, where we in turn use a third-party telecommunications provider to check if your UK mobile subscription has an age-block in place, thus proving whether you are age18+.

Alternatively, you can verify your age with ReallyMe, which is a verified identity app that shares with us only whether you are age 18+

How 18+ Verifies Your Age to Adult Websites

When you visit an adult website that uses 18+, whether on your desktop browser or your mobile phone, you will be presented with an Age Gate bearing the 18+ logo. Whenever you see our logo, click on it, or if on your desktop browser, open the camera on your phone and hold it up to the screen. Your camera will automatically detect the QR code and ask you to open the 18+ app.

Your 18+ will ask whether you want to share your 18+ credential with the website you’re visiting. Make sure the name of the website you’re visiting matches the name shown on the consent window.

If you click yes, your phone will request a credential from the 18+ server.The credential will be unique to you and the website you’re visiting. This uniqueness is achieved through having the adult website provide you a random string of characters, which includes no identifying information about the website. Our servers cryptographically signs the random string if you have proven to us you’re 18+. Our servers send this token to your phone, which in turn sends it to the adult website.

The adult website verifies the authenticity of the cryptographically signed token without ever contacting 18+. It also matches the random string to your browsing session. If you are 18+, the age gate will let you pass.

All of this takes less than 3 seconds. [stop watch icon maybe, less than 3sec?]! It’s fast, free, and completely private.

18+ only knows that you requested an 18+ credential and the random string your phone requested us to sign. We don’t log this information for more than 24 hours, but even if we did, the random strings are completely meaningless. They bear no correlation to the website you visited.

Zero knowledge ensures your privacy remains secure.

Data We Collect About You

We only ever know four bits of information about you: your telephone number, your IP address, whether you are aged 18+, and when you request us to issue an 18+ credential. We never know your name or address or date of birth. We never know the websites you visit.


All information remains encrypted in transit and at rest. We believe our system offers robust security against foreign intrusion. But no intrusion prevention is 100% secure, so the most important question to know is what information could be obtained if 18+ were hacked or if a rouge insider wanted to release information. Because we have zero know ledge of your browsing habits and almost no information about you, the worst a hacker or insider could do would be to release a list of phone numbers who have used the 18+ app.

Do’s and Don’ts to Maximise your Privacy

  • Don’t use any age verification service that uses redirection,meaning that your browser is directed from the adult website to the age verification provider and then redirected back to the adult website after verification. This technique means the age verification provider knows the IP address and domain of the adult website you visit. Their servers will generate a log that can be tracked.
  • Don’t use an age verification service that requires creating an account with your name. Don’t create accounts with adult website sunless you want to purchase their services.
  • Do understand the business model, privacy practices and system design of the age verification provider you select. Read the privacy practices.
  • Don’t use an age verification service if you don’t understand or cannot easily find their privacy policies and practices
  • Do use another way of accessing the adult website if the adult website does not offer an age verification system that meets these privacy rules. 18+ Pass provides a fantastic way to browse any adult website in an age verified system that protects your privacy.
  • Do ensure the age verification solution works both on desktop and mobile devices
  • Do use 18+!

If you have further questions about privacy or security, feel free to ask.